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Supporting each other to live and lead braver lives

Another word for freedom, Brave Ideas will offer safe, courageous spaces with people. People are tired of being afraid. Together we’re making the world a braver place.

How we do this:

 leadership lunches with staff, organisations and communities

BRAVERY COACHING with staff working
in health & social care

BRAVERY COACHING with women in and out of prison


“I’m extremely proud of everything we’ve achieved over the years with the support of so many in Scotland and internationally. As the Social Care Ideas Factory, we acted an as incubator for people’s brave ideas, drawing on their natural creativity, resourcefulness and resilience. We were determined to create space for the voices of people who are marginalised by society. Bravery coaching is therefore the natural next step. Our name change to Brave Ideas marks the start of a new chapter and I would reach out to everyone in our communities who would like to take a bit more control over their own life, individuals, groups, agencies and organisations, to connect with us.’’

Roddy Wright
Brave Ideas Chairman 

“To me, BRAVERY means being true to yourself and to the world. Everyone faces a few times in their lives when they have to make a basic choice between doing what is expected of them and following their inner self. We all pray we can and will make the best decision. This same basic question plays out on a larger societal scale and that is why I am so positive about the Social Care Ideas Factory becoming Brave Ideas. Our world is in trouble and it is hard to imagine it surviving and thriving unless we have the courage to speak and creatively work for what we believe is in the best interest of all our fellow human beings.”

Kevin J. Mahoney, Ph.D
Professor, Boston College School of Social Work
Founding Director, National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services

“We’re embarking on an even bolder crusade to free people, organisations and communities to awaken their bravery in these uncertain times.

This is about one life influencing another. The freedom to inspire acts of everyday bravery in this tough climate by stirring braver thinking, ideas, practice, living and leadership within health, social care and wider society.”

Charlie B-Gavigan
Curator, Brave Ideas

“Bravery is about finding your own voice and having the courage to use it. It’s about surprising yourself as much as other people. It’s speaking your truth in places where it’s the last thing anyone wants to hear. It’s foes are apathy and indifference and its greatest allies kindness and openness.Its more often then not about slaying the dragons in your own head than defeating an enemy on the battlefield. The world today seems ever changing, unpredictable, even chaotic at times. These are the times which test our optimism, our faith in one another. What gives me hope are the hundreds of seemingly little, indiscriminate acts of courage we can bear witness to every day if we take the time to appreciate them. 

 That’s why ‘Brave Ideas’ is needed and has such exciting potential to do good in our world. It will help people find their voice and make big decisions which will change their lives. It will help people unlock their potential and take control of their future. It will champion optimism and help us see the world for its possibilities.  I have no doubt many will be drawn to it and use it as a platform to change their world.’

Dave Scott
Nil By Mouth Campaign Director

“Bravery to me is about facing up to the things we find very difficult, often frightening, even terrifying, but which are important enough that we are prepared to take the risk to confront. It is currently a scary time to think about acting bravely as just getting through each day is a real challenge for many.

The name Brave Ideas suggests something different and innovative – something that offers new understanding and confidence to push at the barriers, to address the fears that stifle progress – whether for an individual, a group or an organisation. Now is a good time to look for brave ideas.”

Anne Houston OBE DUniv FRSA
Chair at Scottish Child Protection Committee Chairs’ Forum,
Independent Chair North Ayrshire Child Protection Committee,
Board member Care Inspectorate.

“I have given this some thought and would say that from my perspective Social Care Ideas Factory’s change is a way of refreshing and refocusing individuals and community perspectives from traditional thoughts of social care and how to progress this to a more holistic view of self and community.  

This then is not just “social care” but citizenship and the Behaviours, Relationships, Attitudes, Values and Environment we all individually and collectively can be enabled to recognise, perhaps change, embrace and influence the interconnectedness of these so that we can individually and or collectively make our way in these changing and often turmoiled times.”

Ruth Dorman
Cheif Executive, Deafblind Scotland

Here’s The first chapter of our Bravery story…

We’ve started to record what’s important about the Bravery work , how it came about and some of the transformative story-lines from brave social care staff leading change.  Big thanks go to Dr Jennifer Jones, from Media For Communities, who partnered with us to create these films and this micro site.